Spare parts for refrigerating compressors type : W92, D58



Compressor unit type W92

The W92M single-stage compressor units are designed for operating in land and marine refrigerating systems, within evaporating temperature range from –35oC to +5oC and condensing temperature from +20oC to +45oC respectively.
Construction of the units and a wide range of the factory-set accessories enable the units to operate in
a manual regulation mode or an automatic one, after having applied in the units the supplementary
thermostats or low pressure controls.
The compressor units are of a block construction and they are equipped with the following main assemblies:
 - single-stage return flow piston compressor with cylinders placed in “W” arrangement and with a
crankshaft gland packing,
- electric motor; a squirrel cage one or a slip ring one of enclosed construction for land applications; and a squirrel cage one of drip tight construction or stream tight construction for marine versions, with synchronous rotational speed 1000 or 1500 r.p.m. at current frequency 50 Hz,
 - flexible coupling connecting the electric motor with the compressor; it attenuates rapid load changes
and simultaneously it serves as a flywheel, ensuring a high stability of running and low vibration level
of the whole unit,
- unit supporting frame,
- oil separator with a system of self-acting oil return to the compressor,
- panel with automatics for protecting and controlling,
Apart from that the unit equipment includes:
- set of mechanisms for manual and automatic compressor capacity regulation,
- unloading mechanism of the compressor while starting up,
- lubrication system,
- stop valves enabling individual or central filling the compressor with oil when the machine is running,
- water system for cooling cylinder heads, protected against corrosion by zinc protectors.